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The 1896 Ordnance Survey map of Central Glasgow still shows some villas remaining on the north side of Sauchiehall Street in the section between Thistle Street and Scott Street.This shows the view looking west along Sauchiehall Street from the eastern end, at the intersection with Buchanan Street where the tram lines curve in from Parliamentary Road.

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That evening, and many nights following, Cambron and Elliott danced to the country tunes of the Lewis Copeland band at that very spot.

The Stage and Lewis Copeland became the anthem of their love and much like every country love story, two hearts became one.

It’s a long street by Glasgow standards and was renowned for its department stores, hotels, cinemas, restaurants and tearooms as well as art galleries and a range of smaller businesses.

Much of the street is situated on a hillside that was probably once moorland, parts of which may have been wooded and others later cultivated.

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As they courted and danced many a night away, Lewis' song, She's Got it Going on, became their country love song.

After three and a half years dating and enjoying Music City, Elliott and Cambron decided to make a change and move to his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, where Elliott, an audio engineer, took a position managing and producing at a recording studio.

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Five years ago, Cambron had a love at first site encounter at the Stage on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee.

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