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In the East, many coyotes are larger than their western counterparts, with males averaging about 45 pounds (14 kg) and females about 30 pounds (13 kg).

Coyote-dog and coyote-wolf hybrids exist in some areas and may vary greatly from typical coyotes in size, color, and appearance.

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“In Kentucky, people are still getting used to seeing them in urban areas.” Reports of coyote sightings in residential areas increase in the spring and early summer as coyotes breed and give birth to pups.

Since total eradication of coyotes is not possible, having a basic understanding about these wild animals, which can range in color from reddish to tan to grizzled gray and black, can ease concerns and limit potential conflicts.“Coyotes are often misunderstood,” Palmer said. Many times, people do not even know coyotes are living near their homes.”Coyotes tend to be more active from dusk to dawn when living in close proximity to people.

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Dam is fawn and white with black markings and sire is blue, fawn and white who is grand sired by champion world famous King Juggernaut.

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Coyotes can lose their fear of humans if conditioned to depend on people for food, and conflicts can arise from people feeding them – either intentionally or unintentionally.“Do not leave pet food outside and make sure garbage is secured,” Palmer said.

“Discourage your neighbors from feeding feral cats, raccoons or coyotes themselves.”She also recommends bringing bird feeders inside at night and removing seed that has fallen on the ground.

An expansion from its historic range in the interior plains brought the coyote to Kentucky where as recently as the early 1970s sightings of these animals were still considered rare.

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